Active Ag

Cloud Application

Project Brief

Our client was using a series of Excel spreadsheets to perform calculations on client data to provide them with farming and accounting advice. Being in Excel this data was extremely inaccessible and time consuming to complete.

We re-developed these Excel spreadsheets into 3 state of the art cloud applications that can be used directly by clients or by other advisers. Our applications automatically generate financial statements with advanced graphing and analytics that can help farmers to perform better.

To accompany the cloud applications developed we also created a corporate public facing website to promote the new applications.

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  • Client:Active Ag
  • Date:2016
  • Industry:Agriculture
  • Technologies:Laravel

Website Integration

When developing the new corporate website we used the content management system WordPress so that new content can easily be added by our client.

This website also included Ecommerce functionality to manage customer subscriptions to the cloud applications.

Active ag report generation

Active Ag Applications


This application uses the Financial Statements produced by a farmer’s accountants as part of the preparation of their annual tax return compliance requirements.


This program enables the user to easily prepare “what if” scenarios and to see the ultimate effect of decisions made on the future of the farming enterprise.


This program requires the user to list the main grain production plant and equipment and to record certain details in relation to each item including anticipated replacement arrangements. This information is then collated and a capital budget for plant purchase and replacement prepared.

Payment Gateway

Design and development of ActiveAg corporate website, integrates payment gateway system with subscriptions to the developed cloud applications.

Cloud Hosting

Applications installed on secure Australian Cloud hosting.


Live server load and status monitoring implemented for high availability.

We implemented the following technology stack.

Single Page Application

Built-in Vue.js as a single page application, this enables us to create a fast user experience without page reloads and greater flexibility as the system evolves over time.

API Focused Backend

The backend is built in Laravel & MySQL with an API focused interface so both the web and mobile apps can use the same endpoints reducing additional development.

Continuous Integration

Our continuous integration systems allow us to test new app builds and update the production site quickly and easily so we can release as often as required.

Managed Hosting

Amazon’s Elastic Container Service allows us to separate our services in separate containers within a cluster that can be spun up and down quickly and effortlessly.
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