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Project Brief

Chase is a finance broker in Adelaide, South Australia. Chase engaged Codium to replace and rebuild their existing CRM system implementing new features to assist in accommodating their growth.

Codium’s scoping team worked closely with key stakeholders from Chase to design a new system that would be scalability and more automation to their existing manual business processes.

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  • Client:Chase Finance
  • Date:2018
  • Industry:Finance
  • Technologies:Laravel, Vue

Loan Application Management

Loans and applications can be quickly processed through the system with tasks assigned to users so there are no actions lost in someone's inbox.

The system also provided users who were looking after specific applications with tasks and reminders so that no task or customer was forgotten about.

The new system has an easy to use application process that assists users in reducing the manual processes they had to undertake such as sending out emails requesting information.

Chase finance web application dashboard

Automated Loan Calculations

Previously Chase employees would use Microsoft Excel to provide their customers with generated calculations. The new system has a built-in calculator that allows the user to duplicate and alter with a click of the button.

Loan repayment calculator within the chase finance web app

Customer Relations Management

Chase has the ability to add new customers to the system also enabling them to link to other contacts and business within the system.

Dynamic PDF Generation

The system creates graphic-heavy PDF documents and forms from data entered within the system to save time when processing forms and applications.


Custom reports can be quickly generated for internal checks and to follow up on items such as balloon payments, settlements or loan end dates.

We implemented the following technology stack.

Single Page Application

Built-in Vue.js as a single page application, this enables us to create a fast user experience without page reloads and greater flexibility as the system evolves over time.

API Focused Backend

The backend is built in Laravel & MySQL with an API focused interface so both the web and mobile apps can use the same endpoints reducing additional development.

Continuous Integration

Our continuous integration systems allow us to test new app builds and update the production site quickly and easily so we can release as often as required.

Managed Hosting

Amazon’s Elastic Container Service allows us to separate our services in separate containers within a cluster that can be spun up and down quickly and effortlessly.
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