Cloud Application, RFID Smart Scanning, Mobile Application

Project Brief

The aim of the Firesmart software is to provide accurate tracking of cleaning and repairs of protective workwear such as Fire Fighting suits.

The software provides an interface for firefighters and management to monitor the launder and maintenance of the suits as well as ensuring the correct allocation of each piece of the garment.

Each piece of the garment is equipped with RFID tags which are automatically scanned by the software as they progress through the wash, repair and delivery cycle so users can monitor the location of the garment.

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  • Client:LHD
  • Date:2016
  • Industry:Laundry
  • Technologies:Laravel, Vue, NativeScript

Multi Location Deployments

The Firesmart software has been deployed in multiple locations within Australia and New Zealand.

Firesmart dashboard interface

RFID Scanning

Throughout the launder and repair process, RFID scanners pick up each item of a garment so their location can be tracked and any comments applied to their history.

Barcode Scanning

For older items barcodes are used in place of RFID tags to track them through the launder and repair process.

Garment History

Each garment has a full history for each launder and repair so it can be scheduled in as required.

Mobile App

The Firesmart mobile app replicates many of the core features end users in Firestations so they can have quick and easy access without having to login to the web interface.

The mobile app includes barcode scanning to enable firefighters to quickly and easily identify garments using the phone's camera.

Firesmart mobile app running on an Apple iPhone

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