Cloud Application

Project Brief

iPark allows your phone to remember where you parked your car when used in conjunction with an accompanying charging cable or wireless Qi charging accessory.

The Bluetooth chip in the accessory communicates with your phone to save your location or prompt you to take a photo of your car park if the GPS signal is poor such as in a multi-story car park.

iPark Logo
  • Client:iPark
  • Date:2018
  • Industry:Car Accessories
  • Technologies:Swift, Java

Easy BLE Pairing

By utilising BLE the process for pairing with an associated device is quick and painless.


Notifications are triggered on your device to prompt you when your location is saved so you can take a photo, set a parking reminder timer or when the timer has expired.

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Directions to your car

Once you need to get back to your car iPark can help guide you back via a map or even use your phones map software to provide you with directions.

Location Monitoring

Both the iOS and Android versions of the app have been built to monitor the device's location so the location of your car can be saved.

Bluetooth Low Energy

The accompanying devices use BLE chips to trigger when the apps should save your location.

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