Mobile Application

Project Brief

The JCT Comms mobile application was built to provide messaging and communications integration alongside IoT home automation for purpose-built disability housing within a Lightsview estate.

This has been designed to assist nurses, carers and residents from any location. This can be done via an audio or video call as well as adjusting different aspects of the home such as lighting, air conditioning, locks and roller blinds.

JCT Logo
  • Client:JCT Healthcare Technology
  • Date:2017
  • Industry:Medical, IoT
  • Technologies:Java
  • Site:https://www.jct.com.au

Software Integration

Integration with JCT’s existing NuCams server API to enables communication with the housing development and IoT devices.

JCT Android App Home Automation Interface

Resident Calls

Residents can contact their carer through an intercom system built into the housing and communicate with them.

Home Automation

Various aspects of the house can be controlled with IoT technologies to assist the resident remotely as well as create a lockdown situation should the need occur.

Carer Monitoring

Using a paired Bluetooth pendant a carer can initiate a duress alert should they require additional assistance. An alert is sent back to the server along with their location and other details.

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