Jobs Outsourced

Cloud Application

Project Brief

As a small to medium business, building a marketing strategy and team can be challenging. Jobs Outsourced is a software platform which enables customers to quickly and effortlessly get work done while letting the platform take care administration tasks such as project management and billing.

A digital strategist can work with a business wanting to invest in their marketing activities, creating the packages and organising the teams needed to deliver the work.

The platform is built to manage customer and worker team communications and deliverables with complete payment automation. This platform has been developed so that it can be scaled globally.

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  • Client:Jobs Outsourced
  • Date:2017
  • Industry:Online Freelancing
  • Technologies:Laravel, Vue

Payment Integration

Both Braintree payments for subscriptions and the PayPal Mass Pay API have been used for completing customer subscription payments and worker payments.

Along with payment integrations, to maintain their accounting the software platform also has tight integration with the Xero accounting package to ensure payments and invoices are automatically synced with their platoform.

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Subscription Management

Users can purchase and manage subscriptions to work packages.

Job Management

Once a subscription has been purchased the customer and workers can communicate requirements and the final deliverables.

Public Website

Public website allows users to view the offerings of Jobs Outsourced with a clean and easy to use interface.

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