NSW Public Service Commission

Cloud Application

Project Brief

The NSW Public Service Commission approached Codium to work with them on developing a solution to capture nominations for a multi-department leadership program to find up and coming leaders within the government.

The software enables line and department managers to nominate their employees who they felt would benefit from taking part in the program via the online portal. The portal provides detailed reporting on the initial nomination and application process as well as the staged review of the applications to identify the best candidates from their merit.

  • Client:NSW Public Service Commission
  • Date:2018
  • Industry:Government
  • Type:Cloud Application
  • Site:https://psc.nsw.gov.au

Tailored Program Nominations

Each program provided by the government has varying requirements.

The portal is able to provide tailored questions based on the application being completed.

Reached your goal in one category, simply allocate funds from another and watch it balance.

Detailed Reporting

To assist in ensuring the correct nominations progress, detailed reports on all applications are provided to enable a review of all data being captured.

Metrics are compiled into visual graphs for ease of review.

Detailed PDF exports enable an extensive review of the collected data.


A requirement was to ensure browser compatibility back to Internet Explorer 8 to ensure users on older browsers were still able to use the application.


To provide ease of access specifically to users with infrequent use of the system, cryptographic URL provides users access to the system at the click of a button so people don’t need to remember a password.


Displaying important information such as capturing and recording key data in specified timeframes.

We implemented the following technology stack.

Single Page Application

Built-in Vue.js as a single page application, this enables us to create a fast user experience without page reloads and greater flexibility as the system evolves over time.

API Focused Backend

The backend is built in Laravel & MySQL with an API focused interface so both the web and mobile apps can use the same endpoints reducing additional development.

Continuous Integration

Our continuous integration systems allow us to test new app builds and update the production site quickly and easily so we can release as often as required.

Managed Hosting

Amazon’s Elastic Container Service allows us to separate our services in separate containers within a cluster that can be spun up and down quickly and effortlessly.
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