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Project Brief

Through a federally funded grant Musica Viva, was commissioned to create an Indigenous language revival platform. Some of the goals of this platform are to help communities and linguists document their language in an accessible platform whilst also allowing users to learn an Indigenous language.

Codium has worked on producing a new UI for the student interfaces and finishing off the iOS, Android and Student and Administrative Web offerings for the platform.

  • Client:Ourlingo
  • Date:2018
  • Industry:Education
  • Technologies:Laravel, Vue, iOS Application, Android Application, Electron Application

Document Languages

Communities can document their language so it is not lost and can be kept for future generations.

Arrival and Departure locations displayed clearly on a map.

Reached your goal in one category, simply allocate funds from another and watch it balance.

Ourlingo web application teaching modules

Community Access On Multiple Platforms

In an effort to be open and accessible the platform is built to allow all communities to administer their own language and operate independently.

Ourlingo is built to be available over multiple platforms. It runs on iOS, Android, in a web browser and also as a standalone Electron application for Windows and Mac OSX.

Ourlingo web application teaching modules

Interactive Learning

Students learning with Ourlingo have over 12 different activity types ranging from drag and drop word matching, video and listening activities and selecting the English translation from audio.

Rich Multimedia Support

The platform is designed to support various media formats for the different types of activities and to support video and audio within the dictionary.

Education Curriculum

Lessons and activities can be built to support a robust curriculum and learning goals.

Mobile Application

Both the iOS and Android applications provide an interactive and interesting interface for students to learn an indigenous language.

These apps can be used by the public to learn a language or by language centres and schools to teach their students.

As users progress through their learning they will gather bush tucker and level up so they can see how much effort has been put into their learning.

Ourlingo iOS app on an Apple iPhone

We implemented the following technology stack.

Single Page Application

Built-in Vue.js as a single page application, this enables us to create a fast user experience without page reloads and greater flexibility as the system evolves over time.

API Focused Backend

The backend is built in Laravel & MySQL with an API focused interface so both the web and mobile apps can use the same endpoints reducing additional development.

Continuous Integration

Our continuous integration systems allow us to test new app builds and update the production site quickly and easily so we can release as often as required.

Managed Hosting

Amazon’s Elastic Container Service allows us to separate our services in separate containers within a cluster that can be spun up and down quickly and effortlessly.
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