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Project Brief

PickStar makes the accessibility of hiring famous guest speakers for a variety of events possible. Before PickStar’s inception, it was challenging to have access to elite athletes, celebrities and sports personalities. Pickstar engaged us to help solve this problem and automate the process of selecting and hiring these speakers.

After the initial success of the mobile-optimised web platform which launched in June 2018, PickStar is also investing in mobile apps for iOS and Android. This will further enhance the experience for the clients and the general public who use this platform.

  • Client:Pickstar
  • Date:2017
  • Industry:Events
  • Technologies:Laravel, Vue
  • Site:pickstar.com.au

Public Website

Customers can search and filter talent, request a booking, process their payment and are kept up to date with the talent applied and selected.

Talent is able to respond to customer requests and search for opportunities via an opportunity billboard.

The portal is integrated with a payment gateway so that all transactions are handled and taken care of reducing management time for each job.

Pickstar website home page

Web Portal

The portal caters to many users being Customers, Talent, Talent Managers and Administrators.

Customers can make bookings, Talent can register and begin receiving work and Administrators handle the invoicing, payment and vetting.

The portal is also integrated with an SMS system so that reminders are automatically sent to the talent reducing management time and interactions with each booking.

Talent search results

Automated Booking Process

Administration costs can be kept low by automating parts of the booking workflow such as payments and reminders.

Advanced User Roles

User roles within the system allow for clients, talent, talent agencies and Pickstar admin to securely access different levels of functionality.

Advanced Notifications

As part of the bookings, automatic notifications are used to prompt users for actions through the process.

We implemented the following technology stack.

Single Page Application

Built-in Vue.js as a single page application, this enables us to create a fast user experience without page reloads and greater flexibility as the system evolves over time.

API Focused Backend

The backend is built in Laravel & MySQL with an API focused interface so both the web and mobile apps can use the same endpoints reducing additional development.

Continuous Integration

Our continuous integration systems allow us to test new app builds and update the production site quickly and easily so we can release as often as required.

Managed Hosting

Amazon’s Elastic Container Service allows us to separate our services in separate containers within a cluster that can be spun up and down quickly and effortlessly.
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