Term Deposit Shop

Cloud Application, Microsoft Access Development

Project Brief

The Term Deposit Shop is a fully transactional Online Cash Management Platform that makes it easy to move from one bank to another in order to maximise return with minimum effort.

Initially, Codium was engaged to help streamline The Term Deposit Shop’s internal processes, this was achieved by developing a rapid prototype using the Microsoft Access and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). In 2015 development commenced on the core project which was to create a cloud-based cash investment platform. In 2017 the web portals were released to direct clients and advisers who can now complete transactions on-line.

Both the Microsoft Access and Web Portal are connected to a securely hosted SQL database making the interactions and transactions between the two systems instant and accurate.

Term Deposit Shop Logo

Dynamic ADI Application Forms

Where there is no replacement for paper forms for a deposit-taking institution the TDS platform can automatically generate a filled-out PDF ready for a client signature.

Using this process reduces errors in forms and also saves hours of work for both TDS and its clients.

JCT Android App Home Automation Interface

Customer Sign Up

Customers can signup, view and manage their investments via the online secure portal.


Microsoft Access frontend works out a variety of different calculations based on institutions for interest payments, bonus interest, service fees and bank, adviser and firm commissions payable.


The Microsoft Access database has an inbuilt CRM where TDS management can view a single customer and their investments.

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